We specialize in professional car transportation services. We can offer the most complete, one-stop car transportation service - everything from arranging a pick up for the transportation service, delivering on time and ensuring the whole car transportation process is completed as planned.

Nation-wide car transportation for Bulgaria

Car transportation from any point to any point in Bulgaria. We transport cars between logistic centers, dealerships and can handle each task in a quick and timely manner.


International transport from and to Bulgaria

We can help export and import cars easily. We have huge experience with car transportation abroad, customs clearance and all other little details, to keep the service at the highest level.


Spare parts for trailers

We are a heavy EuroLohr user and we can provide original spare parts at preferential prices. Furthermore, we can deliver reliable car transportation safety belts, compatible with all requirements for every loading station in Europe.

Transportation assistance services

Our position as a leader on the Bulgarian market has made us gather significant contacts in the sector. We can provide assistance with transportation documents, customs clearing and other transportation specific challenges.


We aim to deliver complete service for all car transportation needs.

Quality Management

On-Time Delivery

Continuous Improvement

Flexibility and Reliability

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Customs Clearance