Logistic Center

Main information

Our main logistic center is located in Sofia, Bulgaria on a highly communicative place with more than 50 000 square meters of space. We can house simultaneously up to 2500 cars and service them effectively. Our logistic center covers high security standards, with 24-hour video surveillance and security personnel. We offer the following services:

  • PDI
  • battery charging
  • Car Wash ( Interior and exterior )
  • Qualified, experienced and reliable staff

What makes us unique

We have made possible for high standard services to be performed at the logistic center. That helps us maintain the high quality of the car transportation service. We perform quality tests on all incomming cars to ensure the the high standards of the transport. We also have all necessary equipment to keep stocked vehicles in good shape, like battery chargers, station for charging electric cars, car wash (interior and exterior) etc.