Providing secure, safe and quality car transportation is a priority for us. We use advanced monitoring and tracking software systems to be able to anticipate and get informed about all details on the car transportation service. We have Know-how and the tradition and knowledge, unlike no other in the sector. The smart systems that we use help us gather information and deliver a complete full featured car transportation service.

We use smart systems that allow us to get ahead of the competition and get data, such as:

  • Tracking truck location
  • Sending and receiving messages from drivers
  • Tracing routes
  • Calculating routes
  • Distances
  • Taxes and other information

Renewed equipment for truck monitoring with the latest telematics systems



Software solution for:

  • Vehicle Transport
  • Yard Management
  • General Cargo
  • We visualize order, loads and resources in clear timeline diagrams and map overview
  • Enable your planning to be maximum efficient