Our Fleet

We have at our disposal a fleet of professional autotransport trucks, that can handle various car transportation tasks.
Here are some more details about our transportation vehicles:

 Mercedes-Benz 1843 Euro 6

Trucks: Mercedes-Benz 1843 Euro 6

Trailers: Rolfo EGO 427 FTF / EGO 427 VVF

Rolfo EGO 427 trailers can hold up to 12 cars and sustain a reliable transportation across any road types and weather conditions. Combined with the Euro6 LS by Mercedes-Benz, it provides us with the best tools for a reliable and quality car transportation service.

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Mercedes – Benz 1843 LS – Euro 6

Trucks: Mercedes-Benz 1843 Euro 6

Trailers: Lohr 2.53 WXS

Lohr 2.53 is the new generation of word famous brand constructions. By this model of trailer are missing the static columns, so we can be loading different combination of cars.

Mercedes – Benz 1843 LS - Close Kaessbohrer

Trucks: Mercedes – Benz 1843 LS

Trailers: Close Kaessbohrer

Designed for safe transportation of exclusive vehicles, high-value prototypes and individual exhibition models. Guarantees the highest possible security for the loaded vehicles.

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Volvo FM 450 – Euro 6 trailers Rolfo EGO 427 FTF

Trucks: Volvo FM 450 – Euro 6

Trailers: Rolfo EGO 427 FTF

 It is a remarcable car transportation trailer, produced by the top manufacturer in car transportation trailers - Rolfo. The missing static columns makes it convenient and efficient trailer.