About Us

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Company history

Found in 2005, initially as the “Car Carrier” department of SOMAT AD / Willi Betz BG, Car Transporter has played a key part in the car transportation market over the years, standing out as a versatile and effective partner to  a number of businesses in Bulgaria.

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Quality management

Theoretical and practical drivers trainings, combined with the latest innovations in the sector and the dedication and experience of the long term personnel are key to maintain the high level of service we provide.

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Our fleet

We have a large, professional and reliable fleet of trucks and equipment to complete even the most demanding car transportation tasks. We cover a wide variety of distances and destinations to support our partners' needs.

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Why choose us

We offer the most complete car transportation service, starting from the delivery to the storage and distribution of the car transportation services. We can proudly say we have what it takes to deliver an unmatched car transportation service.

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We manage to control our own fleet by smart systems. This affiliates the transportation process, providing useful information about tracking truck location, sending and receiving messages from drivers, tracing routes etc.

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